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Personal injury attorney for Dog Bites and Other Animal Attacks




The responsibility for damages caused by animals can be treated by a personal injury attorney and in other occasions owners may be responsible for damages caused to the animals themselves in lodging, stays, transport, etc. But for now, we will only have questions about liability for animal damage. In this way, having a good personal injury attorney that can represent you and your interests can be quite good. When animals are moving, you can, directly or indirectly, cause damage to things, people or yourself.


Dog bites and other animal attacks


Although newspapers are constantly reporting fierce dog attacks on children or animals on roads that cause fatal accidents, the problem is not new, with former auto accident lawyer reporting court cases. However, on a daily basis, in practical cases, these issues are not always so simple, and the rule itself, perhaps even to be confirmed, has its exceptions: occurrence of victim’s guilt or natural forces.


Some exceptions may apply


Let us first talk about the two exceptions brought by the law, which, once proven by the owner or keeper of the animal, exclude the responsibility for repairing the damage caused. First exception: the guilt of the victim – In this situation, the one who suffered the damage caused by the animal, in fact, was the one who gave cause for that occurrence to exist. In other words, it was the victim alone who was responsible for the damage. It would be the case of the subject who, without authorization, rides on a stallion, falls and is injured. The only person responsible for the accident is the victim herself, or even when it is attacked by this animal. Either way you will need a personal injury attorney. In these examples, as long as the victim’s sole fault is proven, neither the owner nor the owner will be held liable for damages caused by the animal.


Proving your point is important


In this aspect the question of proof is very important, and you will need a personal injury attorney to help you. That is why in places such as horse riding, clubs, veterinary clinics, among others, signaling information about what is allowed or not, both for visitors and employees, is very important. Well-marked and visible warnings can help to exclude the responsibility of both the owner of the animal and its holder. For if, in a certain place, there is a warning that a certain act is not carried out (for example, a ban on animals), and someone may violate this rule, any accident that occurs due to violation of that rule, the owner or the owner cannot be held responsible. The victim of this event will be the sole culprit, behold, he deliberately failed to comply with an imposed rule. And if this rule is easily proven, it will be easy to prove the victim’s sole guilt. At all times, have a personal injury attorney beside you so you can prove your point.

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