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How to Handle Your Own Car Accident Claim

As a car accident attorney, I deal much with car insurance companies. They are usually good people who desire to be reasonable and useful, but the landscape of the businesses they occupy dictates that they find ways to diminish the value of their car demand, to be viewed positively by their employers. This makes it difficult for normal people seeking fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries and property damage. They can use questionable ethical methods to give them an advantage in the negotiations. Here are a few basic tips and examples of what to look out for:

Don’t Speak to an Adjuster Following a Car Accident

Why should you shut up when the insurance adjuster of the guilty party is called? Here is the classic example: They call you the day after your accident “just to check and ensure you’re okay”. It appears reasonable enough, even compassionate. Several injuries have been delayed, from 24 to 72 hours for the symptoms to reach the maximum intensity. When they call you 24 hours after the accident to see how you are and tell them you think it’s okay, you have just unknowingly undermined the seriousness of your injuries. They have a recorded conversation in the file where they were expressly told that it was “okay”, and you can make sure they will refer to this when negotiating the value of your claim.

Seek Immediate Treatment and Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

A person who is not really hurt and guess who knows that? Answer: Your kind insurance adjuster. Not looking for medical treatment and not following up on agreed appointments is an indicator that your injuries are not important. When you were actually hurt, you would definitely be looking for treatment, right? It is significant to be cautious and obtain immediate control after an accident, or run the risk of an adjuster attempting to use it when it is time to negotiate. Check here.

Be Very Clear with Your Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors about Your Symptoms

Whenever you go to a medical provider, make sure to tell them about all the symptoms. In this way, there is no ambiguity in your medical records. It is very easy to think that your doctor already knows concerning your neck hurts, therefore, you do not require mentioning it. The actuality is that retransmission of your complete symptoms with each visit will support your case, because it presents a full picture of the severity of your injuries, and enhances the value of the claim when it comes time to negotiate an agreement.

Document the Crash

Take pictures of your car and the other driver’s vehicle. Get statements from anybody who witnessed the accident, or in any case get their contact information so you can contact them soon. Request a copy of the crash report and maintain a file with all the relevant information so that your legalization claim justifies the information you must provide.


It is possible to handle small claims without a lawyer, has provided knowledge and tools to advocate for what is fair. Usually, an auto accident lawyer may demand higher amounts from an insurance company than an individual, since the threat of filing a lawsuit may generate more money, to keep him out of court. Keep in mind that they also have a lawyer, whether the case goes to court. Click here for more information: https://slonakerlawfirm.com/ronald-slonaker-personal-injury-attorney/